NYCPRETTY2sCHRISTINE BIBBO HERR is among the most creative and sought-after stylists/spokespersons/fitness fanatics in New York City! Her keen eye for detail and design gives her an indisputable edge in anticipating trends and pulling together just
the right elements for creating looks that define the mood of the moment.

Always at the forefront of fashion, beauty and fitness, Christine attended the world-renowned Fashion Institute Of Technology, and has spent more than a decade as a New York fashion editor/director for various national glossies including; Health, Real
Simple, Family Circle, Rachael Ray, Shape en Espanol and The Knot. All leading to the position as Fashion Director for the legendary Good Housekeeping.

Currently, Christine is the contributing editor and spokesperson for Life & Style Magazine.
Whether on TV segments, fashion spreads, advertising campaigns, runway shows or fitness projects, Christine has styled a vast range of people, celebrities and brands. Her passion for her work and healthy lifestyle has taken her from inside the fashion industry to the yoga mat, covering the hottest new fashion trends and workout crazes.

Christine is an independent stylist and widely-followed lifestyle blogger at NYCPretty.com, where she provides readers with the most current fashion, beauty, and fitness inspiration for girls everywhere.

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22 Responses to ABOUT

  1. abby stein says:

    Christine congratulations on your great blog. You have great style and I will definitely check in to see whats up with fashion. I love seeing what people I used to work with are up to now. Happy Holidays! Abby Stein

  2. Debbie&John says:

    Hi Christine!! Its john & debbie-we are here checking out ur site-very cool. We cant figure out how to post comments -i love your glitterati shot(debbie says). John says- excited for you! Hope to see u soon- in person

  3. maria www.marysplacebythesea.org says:

    Hey, It was great chatting with you the other day. I love this blog an dso happy to have been able to found it without Alex. Look forward to see ing you and John in the Grove!! Love the New Years Glamour shots…Beautiful!!

  4. Erika says:

    Chrissy- We share a lot of the same tastes!!!! Congrats on the success of the blog ! I was curious who your photographer is for your shoots as I am in the market to update my ancient headshots!! thanks much-Erika

  5. Lisa DeMartini Haden says:

    Your Blog is great, I love it and you look wonderful and soooo stylish!! Keep it up mama!

  6. Avery Hansen says:

    Just recently found this blog on instagram, love!! 🙂

  7. sally blehl says:

    CHRISTINE BIBBO-HERR Your blog is amazing and addicting! A friend of mine turned me on to your site and now every day I have to go on and see what you are wearing from head to toe! The photos are so amazing. You and your photograher are a perfect team! I can tell that you style the shoot and he shoots the persective perfectly. All the holiday pictures starting with Thanksgiving have been so entertaining! I will often guess what you are featering before I look at the bottom to see the item and designer info! I love when you throw in viintage! I often go right to the bottom to the designer website to buy the item. You make everything looks so great! I have turned so many of my friends on to your site and will continue to do so! Keep this blog going …it has become the fun part of my day! ThankYou!

  8. Kathy Whitney says:

    Nice to find your blog, Christine. It’s amazing!

  9. Princwill says:

    I love new york and i want to go to new york i wech somone can help me go there.

  10. I LOVE your blog and am so glad I came across it while browsing the Beauty section in the reader. You have my dream job — keep up the good work!

  11. mahoulove says:

    I love your blog! it is so informative with really great tips. I hope to one day leave Texas and live in NY, and have a dream job like yours!

  12. Mya says:

    Love your blog and your writing style! I just nominated you for the Versatile blogger award! I wanted to let you know 🙂


  13. Fabia says:

    Heya Christine
    I love your page and also follow you on instagram (I’m pinkyoganinja). I love your pictures! You always put together the cutest outfits and your sport’s pics are always so energetic and fun. And yes, I’m guilty of stealing outfit ideas from you 😉
    Thanks for inspiring me!
    xoxo all the way from Switzerland

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